Is this your cat?

It was a headline on the NextDoor app. There in the photo was a largely pregnant cat. The lady who had taken her in confirmed she had been meowing at her back door and was a stray. Abandoned at her time of great need. If no one claimed her she was going to take her to a shelter the next day. That is when I felt my fingers type:


I picked her up Thursday evening, wow was she pregnant. Friday, I took her to the vet to estimate the date of her little arrivals. The Vet laughed and said, “don’t squeeze her!”


Saturday 5 a.m.
Piercing and convincing I knew- the kittens were on their way. Over the next 5 hours 5 baby kittens greeted this world.


A mother will do anything to protect and feed her children. This young cat knew she needed to find refuge before her kittens arrived. Her instincts were to get help. Watch any female animal or human when their young are threatened. Protect, bear arms if necessary and fight for survival. Yes, this trait is born in our souls.