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First Kiss

Pushing the Boundaries

It is Homecoming weekend for my high schooler and I dread his requests for after-dance parties and sleepovers. Surely I can use exposed COVID contamination as a negator for this party. I see the mass communication happening in grunted code through my child’s phone. The phone that I bought …

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Three’s Company

I have two friends whom I will call Rhonda and Samantha. (Not their real names😉). It’s 1978. Space Invaders was the digital craze, First Test Tube Baby is born, Cult leader Jim Jones tells 900 members of his church, “People’s Temple”, to commit suicide in Guyana. The first ever Mobile …

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Where the Yellow Arrows Lead

I don’t know if it was the licor de hierbas or the mystical muse of the Camino, but a look of inspiration came over Antonio’s face and he grabbed a clean bar napkin from the next table and pulled out a pen from his pocket and began writing. …

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Skating Rink Blues

I had just gotten my first pair of roller skates. They were hand-me down high ankle skates for figure skating, not the cool racing ones, but I didn’t care because they weren’t those weird rental skates possessed by the ghost of the last kid who wore them the …

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Welcome, September!

For me, September is always a beginning, a promise, and a reminder to slow down and…football. I think it’s my midwestern roots, but I actually require seasonal changes.  For me, the seasons are the chapters of my year… Fall reminds me of those things that make me most …

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A Party Peck

I had had the biggest crush on this girl for months. One day, a friend of mine got invited to a party we knew the girl would be at, so we got all dressed up and went. We ended up talking for a while and then we went …

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