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New Beginnings, New Chapters

My Next Great Adventure – IV

Chapter IVish – Apartment Living The things I am learning. We can get a contact high walking in the hallway…that’s a free bonus. The dogs can learn to poo while leashed and not step in it, but it’s a gradual process. Apparently, hipsters don’t actually sleep at night…they …

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My Next Great Adventure – III

Chapter 3 – To be or not to be When Mackenzi is struggling with something, she speaks with an English accent. I’m not even entirely sure she knows she’s doing it. She spoke as a native Brit throughout the entirety of quarantine. I, on the other hand, quote Hamlet …

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My Next Great Adventure – II

Chapter 2 – The Island of Denial We are under contract. So that’s good. And not so good. Ahem. One month. That’s what I have. I have one month to find our next home, pack up a life, say goodbye and start anew. Saying goodbye. This is the …

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My Next Great Adventure – I

Chapter 1 Selling Your House – AKA a pain in the ass Yesterday we had our first day of showings. Letting strangers traipse through my house, critiquing wall color, flooring, windows is akin to my experience of going into premature labor at a teaching hospital. Everyone had to …

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2022…we welcome you with open arms, open minds and open hearts!

Is there anything quite like January? The chance to begin anew, forge new paths, new friendships and new horizons! Last January, we witnessed an attempted coup on our capital juxtaposed with the nation’s youngest Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. Literally, the dawn after the fiercest of storms…and for many …

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Seasons of Life

Life brings many seasons Change happens for a reason So as one ending occurs Look forward, open the doors. A new beginning a time to do All of the things you want to. A time to look at yourself And put away any doubts. Believe that you can …

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