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The Pandemic

Hope vs. Fear

“In my heart there was a kind of fighting that would not let me sleep”. HAMLET Tonight, my daughter said, “I”m not sad or mad or even frustrated anymore. I’m just empty.” Empty? Gas tanks get empty. Milk gets empty. But us? We aren’t supposed to feel empty. …

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For Willa

I have been looking for someone to clean my house. During this pandemic, I have decluttered, organized, rearranged, lifted, swept and shifted. The suddenness and endlessness of the lockdown magnifies the undone as will as the unknown. Flattening the curve has meant that my laundry room has new …

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The New Old Normal

“Exactly how many people will be at this thing?” Calvin asked as he rinsed his razor. His voice betrayed just enough anxiety, so that Kate skipped the question and went straight for the comforting words. “It’ll be okay, Cal. I promise.” She reached for his hair and gently …

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Poor Planning and a Pandemic

I sat thinking about all the big decisions I had been entrusted with throughout the years. Oftentimes the delta between my own self-perception and those who counted on me to lend credence to whether they should quit their job, or their spouse. Did having their kids were right, …

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2020 Brought Us Clarity

Clarity of vision that the weight of being human is heavy … incredibly and increasingly heavy. But being human also means that we are a part of humanity… and as card holding members of humanity, we truly are all in this together. Let’s be honest, though, we are …

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