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I Saw Rudolph!

It was a well-known maxim around my house, repeated in the days leading up to Christmas: NEVER try to watch Santa Claus perform magic. It’s the rule. If you saw, his secrets would be let out, and that would be a disaster. It’s why he doesn’t do any …

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Growing Up on 42nd Street – A Serial Story – Part 5

Back to Verplanck, a.k.a 42nd St. North. Whenever there was space in the new Pontiac woody station wagon, my friends tagged along. We often had 13 people squeezed in. This was way before seat belts. By that time Matt Lagana had started the Marina, which Pop practically built …

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Welcome December!

“I’ve come to sing you a song called December.” ― Ryan Murphy There are few things in this life that amaze me more than the passage of time. I am always, always mesmerized by how quickly things happen…how easily things change…how life goes on. December is a bittersweet …

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Growing Up on 42nd Street – Christmas Memories

Christmas was different. After lunch my Mom told my brother, Joey, and me that since we would be up late tonight, Christmas Eve, we needed to take a nap. We went to the first bedroom, the one with a door to the rest of the apartment including the …

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