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Best Friends

For the love of friends!

When I think of my friends, I consider myself one of the luckiest humans on this planet. I have friends from childhood, new friends, old friends, college friends, work friends and my ride and die friends. No other relationship is quite the same, nor as powerful. I have …

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Some say Friends. I say Lifers.

I was looking through digital photos the other day and got swept up looking at old photos of me and my “besties”. We span a decade between oldest and youngest, but feel like we have been together a lifetime. Because we have. Living in the transient area of …

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Chapter VI – The Madness of March

The thing about moving – at least for me – is that it’s like the world around me is no longer spinning. I’m in a vacuum. A black hole. And I do this to myself. I really am not so great with chaos. I’d like to be. But I’m not. I need …

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I Hope My Funeral is Standing Room Only

Best friend, we use the words to describe that so near and dear, the one we count on, share our secrets, joys and sorrows. That definition is right on for a 13 year old, but as we travel through life, we find it just isn’t that simple. I …

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My sister, my friend, my Ride and Die

My sister and I weren’t very close growing up. Just 22 months apart, but different in so many ways. We shared a bedroom most of our lives, but that was about all we shared. Looking back now…oh the time we wasted. I had a terrible car accident my …

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