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Mother, Mom, Madre

It’s May!

Hello, May, you sweet breath of fresh air! The lilacs are blooming, the sky is bright and the air still has just a hint of winter’s kiss. I love the month of May because May is that bridge out of winter and into summer…and it’s full of celebrations. …

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The List

I peer out of the crack in hay loft hoping not to be seen. Just a short nap to revive me and then I’ll be back at it again before I am discovered. In my pocket folded into a square is the source of my despair and need …

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Here’s to my mom!  And here’s to me!

I daresay that my mom is doing this mom thing a little better than I am at the moment. I’m a great mom. I fight for my kids. I try to be their loudest and most fervent champion. But sometimes I’m average – at best. Some days simply get the best …

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