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What did you survive?

WHACK, ZOINK, POW- Hooray for Thanksgiving Day

Over the river and through the woods… a song portraying the Thanksgiving ride to a family gathering like so many Hallmark movies today. Thanksgiving of 1972. Our house was the designated home for all our family and any extras to enjoy the day as well. The set up:• …

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In the early nineties I decided to take an Audit Assignment for a large Insurance company in Salt Lake City, mainly because I’d never been there and I wanted to stay on the “Left Coast”. One of the perks of working for a National Healthcare Consulting Company was …

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Everyone works their way through things differently. Sometimes what is survival doesn’t seem to fit. Some situations you just have to get through, and maybe that is survival, I don’t know. Two days after Christmas 4 years ago we heard the words that no siblings even knows how …

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3 Strikes and You’re Out

I survived menopause 3 times. 3. Mother f—ing times. If middle school is the pit of hell, then menopause is hell’s front porch – Due to medical issues, I willingly put myself into menopause during my first year of marriage. Not great timing. Ironically, I did so in …

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