Chapter VI – The Madness of March

The thing about moving – at least for me – is that it’s like the world around me is no longer spinning.

I’m in a vacuum. A black hole. And I do this to myself. I really am not so great with chaos. I’d like to be. But I’m not. I need order, I need pictures on the walls, I need projects completed.

But at what cost? I didn’t even see the slap at last night’s Oscars…I barely registered the rise and fall of St. Peter’s, and I have just sort of acknowledged the beginning of spring.

Ummm…maybe this is why I haven’t done this in 16 years.

Today, I must reclaim my life. After coffee, after writing, after showering.  But, then…watch out, world!

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
~Winston Churchill

(Writing hack…when in need of a great quote, turn to Winston Churchill or The Baird, specifically Hamlet…you’re welcome.)

I have officially come to the end of the beginning. And just in time, because this particular exposition is dragging along…

The challenge for me, today, as I reclaim me, is to strike a new kind of balance with my friends. Going to be honest. I am in the 1% when it comes to friends. I’m the elite, the rich, the tiniest of minorities. (If only my tax bracket matched…but alas, years of bad decisions and a story for another day.)

I have friends. Friends that have stood by me.

Friends that make me laugh. Friends that encourage me to pray. Friends who will jump on a plane. Friends who I love to get drunk with. Friends who are white, black, gay, straight, happy, sad, broken, healed, faithful and agnostic.

I salute you, one and all! My apologies if I’ve neglected some of my friendships of late as I mired in my own Idaho.

One of my oldest friends today reminded me that today would be a great day to be pretty pissy. Amen. That’s today’s mantra.

This is the end of the beginning. The rising action begins…now.