I Hope My Funeral is Standing Room Only

Best friend, we use the words to describe that so near and dear, the one we count on, share our secrets, joys and sorrows.

That definition is right on for a 13 year old, but as we travel through life, we find it just isn’t that simple. I have so many best friends, given the circumstance.

There is the friend that is the best when I just want to have a really fun day or evening, no discussion about anything that touches the soul or troubles the mind. Get in the car, go for a drive, laugh, talk and just plain have fun. Simple and easy. Sometimes she is my best friend.

The gal who has been my friend since I was a teen. She has seen me at my worst and at my best. Through the years I have felt anger and love toward her. She has been with me through it all. I can share with her without filling in the background. So much comfort. Sometimes she is my best friend.

The younger woman who has such a strong fierce belief in God that I can call her in my darkest hours and just say I need a prayer. It’s always there and she loves me unconditionally. Sometimes she is my best friend.

The older woman who says she can’t travel unless I am by her side.

She leans on me when her computer needs attention, to book an airline ticket, to sooth her. She needs me and I feel so worthy and appreciated. Sometimes she is my best friend.

When I am doubting my own value or my decisions I have a friend that will just listen and let me think out loud. I can ramble and I ask questions that I really don’t want anyone to answer or judge me. Sometimes she is my best friend.

When I am using poor judgment and on the road to making a choice that it is clear to others but not to me that I am headed in the wrong direction. The person who talks to me firmly and without fear of destroying our friendship. Sometimes she is my best friend.

The friend I can call at 8:00 and say, “Let’s go for a drink.” She’s in her jammies, but gets dressed and I pick her up in 15 minutes. Sometimes she is my best friend.

I need a ride to the airport, a prescription picked up, a bowl of soup I don’t feel like fixing…..she is there to provide whatever I need. Sometimes she is my best friend.

The friend I have had since birth that lives 1200 miles away and we may go months without talking, then a late night phone call comes and we talk for 2 hours. Sometimes she is my best friend.

I get an email from a dear kind soul that I have known for years.

She’s confiding in me what I know she has told no one else, but she trusts me because she knows I will keep her secret. That trust is so valuable to my well being. Sometimes she is my best friend.

On the other hand, there is that woman that I know I can give my most sacred secrets to and she will keep them close to her heart and share with no one. I need to say something out loud that to clear my mind and ease my conscience but no one else must never know. Sometimes she is my best friend.

My sister that I have shared every moment of my life with for 73 years who gets so disgusted with me that she could scream, but yet can sit quietly with me in my pain, and rejoice in my happiness. Sometimes she is my best friend.

The truth is my “Best” friends are many, with various purposes in my life, but it takes all of them to keep me afloat. It takes all of them, my people, to create my world. Without any one of them I could not be my best self.

I love and I am loved. This is the best.