Chapter IVish – Apartment Living

The things I am learning.

We can get a contact high walking in the hallway…that’s a free bonus.

The dogs can learn to poo while leashed and not step in it, but it’s a gradual process.

Apparently, hipsters don’t actually sleep at night…they might be vampires.

Wine helps.

Cheap Aldi wine doesn’t.

Double beds aren’t made for two middle aged people and a dog.

It is possible to live with just 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shoe choices and a sweater or 2…who knew?

Old dogs can learn new tricks.

But it doesn’t happen quickly.

Veronica and Ian (not their real names) just above us in apt 338 are working on their relationship, but things sound shaky. If only he’d learn to actually listen to her when she speaks and if she’d stop being such a bitch, things might improve.

I’m rooting for you Veronica and Ian! But maybe you could have these “discussions” before 2 am?

Week one in the books.