My Survival Support Staff

Chapter 2ish – CJ

As if on cue, a new chapter to this story wrote itself…

Meet CJ. Added to my team on Tuesday. I thought I
was just adopting a kitten, a friend for Scarlet who so
misses Buster.

And then Thursday, Cooper’s plans eroded and his
future derailed. Shit got real, very fast and the air got
heavy and leadened with a lifetime of things unsaid,
tears unshed and fears unveiled. And in perfect
harmony, this little tabby ran circles – exploring and
climbing and living as only a kitten can. Distracting us
with laughter through tears – the world’s finest and
purest emotion. This little whirling dervish was/is
exactly what we needed. I have said it before and will
say it again…I have only survived parenthood because
I had (and have) a support staff. Thank God they each
found me just in time.