Not “who,” but “what”

I’ve been on a spiritual journey since the mid 1990s, and the most powerful thing I have discovered is that I needn’t rely on any person or thing – or anything outside of myself – for my “survival.” The term “survival,” I have discovered, is a concept born out of fear of lack. From a spiritual perspective, lack is an illusion created by the ego (fearful) mind; in fact, all fear is illusion and created in the mind. And whatever we believe IS TRUE until we choose a new belief. And we have 100% free will with what we choose to think and believe. This truth has set me free countless times, meaning that it has comforted me – or helped me “survive,” knowing I am the one who chooses my reality. Therefore, no matter what is occurring, I can observe it for the concept that it is; notice how my mind wants to assign meaning to it, pause, and determine how I choose to think and feel about it. Even in very intense situations (such as financial), I always know that other possibilities exist of which my mind hasn’t yet conceived, so I simply ask for new possibilities to present themselves…and they always do! I trust my own True Self (Higher Self/Soul) completely to guide me, so it is truly my own Soul/spiritual point of view which helps me not only “survive” but thrive.