Reno came into our world over 10 years ago, shortly after it was turned upside down.

During a family vacation at Disney World, my 3rd son was diagnosed with type one diabetes. We knew nothing. Everyone missed the signs. No family history. We were at ground zero of the learning curve. In the first year, we threw everything at diabetes, to make LIVING with this disease “easier.” Enter Reno, the Diabetic Alert Dog. Reno, with his own story of survival and rescue before us, arrived from Arizona, fully trained, as a 18 month old lab mix whose job was to make sure my son didn’t die. Reno would accomplish this by alerting us to when his blood sugars were out of range, either too high or too low. He took his job seriously – going to school, hockey games, travels, everywhere with us. Day and night, Reno watched over Josh, protecting him, teaching him to not only to survive but to thrive. Reno officially retired to the land of house dog 3 years ago – yet continues to protect Josh whenever the opportunity presents itself. Old habits die hard. Friendships and servanthood are forever.

Ten years later Reno, a little grayer, a little slower, is still teaching us all how to survive, ever faithful, ever present.