• Drools profusely
• Hairy
• Giant
• 175 lbs.

Just a brief description I read one evening while scrolling for my next furry friend on a rescue site. His big brown eyes stole my heart.

Iowa bound!

I left Tennessee on a flight headed for Cedar Rapids, Iowa arriving late in the evening. By midday, the next day I was headed back home in a minivan, with my Newfoundland friend, GRADY. Driving straight through, we arrived early the next morning, only to be met by my husband who had waited up for us. As soon as Grady saw him, I knew; this Gentle Giant was not the only one needing a rescue, he was also there for my husband as they greeted each other like long lost friends. Grady may have been on a Rescue site, but it was evident we needed him for our hearts and home even more.

Drool and all!