So glad you’re here!

Welcome to my little sliver of the digital universe! My name is Juli and I write things. 

I am unapologetically ordinary. I’m a feminist in that I believe in women. I’m a humanist in that I believe in humans. And I’m a writer in that I find it easier to write than to say things out loud.

I love a properly placed cuss word and cold white wine. Sadly, my wine intake has to be monitored because my liver is working over time processing cancer pills, but my cuss word placement seems to have improved with cancer.

I write about life. My life. My childrens’ lives (much to their chagrin) and stranger’s lives (when they allow me to).

Shakespeare once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit”. To that, I say, “Indeed”.

I have two new mottos…pay attention, and say less, but more.

Take a look around. And reach out. I’d love to hear from you.