The ER doctor said, “Yes, he is still conscious, but I don’t know how.”

Diabetic ketoacidosis. Type one Diabetes. BGL, 987. All real words, but I didn’t know what they meant. Words that would describe my then 10 year old, seemingly healthy child. Words that would mold him, me and my whole family into brave and strong warriors. Fast forward to 2022, he is almost 21. LIVES with diabetes. On paper, looks like someone who doesn’t have type one. Going to pharmacy school. Getting married. Type one will always be present. It will always have us on guard because the very thing you take to live, insulin, could as easily kill you, with the smallest of errors. I do not live in fear anymore, nor am I afraid (most of the time). I trust. I believe.

And I know we are stronger and braver because of the trial.