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Amy DuBois

Survival Raft

It started a few days after I told my closest, local friends about my divorce. I opened my mailbox to find a baggie containing the note and peppermint life savers. During one of the most horrific periods in my life, who’d have known how much a little note …

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My sister, my friend, my Ride and Die

My sister and I weren’t very close growing up. Just 22 months apart, but different in so many ways. We shared a bedroom most of our lives, but that was about all we shared. Looking back now…oh the time we wasted. I had a terrible car accident my …

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800 Square Feet of Family

My grandparents, Aida and Joe, lived on West 96th Street in Manhattan. As far as NYC apartments go, theirs was sprawling – 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a living/dining room combo and a galley kitchen. All told, it was about 800 square feet. For two people living in NYC, …

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