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Dr. Steve Graves PhD

I Saw Rudolph!

It was a well-known maxim around my house, repeated in the days leading up to Christmas: NEVER try to watch Santa Claus perform magic. It’s the rule. If you saw, his secrets would be let out, and that would be a disaster. It’s why he doesn’t do any …

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Worst Halloween Ever!

It WAS a dark and stormy night. Well, mostly it was just cold and miserable, but it was spooky for us trick or treaters. I had planned my costume for months. I was going as Fran Tarkenton, the greatest quarterback of his generation. I was, no doubt, going …

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Skating Rink Blues

I had just gotten my first pair of roller skates. They were hand-me down high ankle skates for figure skating, not the cool racing ones, but I didn’t care because they weren’t those weird rental skates possessed by the ghost of the last kid who wore them the …

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The Oneness of Beer

I moved to Los Angeles 20 years ago.  Moving to L.A. from Ohio was like that moment in the Wizard of Oz where everything goes from sepia to bold technicolor. I exchanged the comfortable cultural binaries of my youth for the confusing spectrum of cultures, languages, and faiths.  …

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