Three’s Company

I have two friends whom I will call Rhonda and Samantha. (Not their real names😉).

It’s 1978.

Space Invaders was the digital craze, First Test Tube Baby is born, Cult leader Jim Jones tells 900 members of his church, “People’s Temple”, to commit suicide in Guyana. The first ever Mobile Phone is introduced in Illinois. Sweden is the first country in the world to recognize the effect of aerosol sprays on the Ozone Layer and bans the sale. The Serial killer David Berkowitz, “Son of Sam,” is convicted of murder after terrorizing New York for 12 months. Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Close Encounters of the Third Kind all showing in Movie Theatres around the world. (

1978 – 3rd grade. Fall. Small town in middle America. The playground consisted of metal slides with no sides. Four square painted on the blacktop. A pick up game of kickball.

And Kiss Tag.

Rhonda and Samantha are best friends. (Still are) But best friends are best friends for a reason – they tend to like the same things. And…in 3rd grade. The same boy.

It is afternoon recess.

After 5 hours trying to write cursive and recite multiplication facts at record speeds without Air Conditioning or mechanical pencils. The air is heavy, humid, hazy…the mood tense and focused.

“It” is singled out.

The one and only Randy Shoemaker.

The game is afoot.

Rhonda is fast – the athlete that Samantha will never be. She’s the first to make her move. And Randy has eyes for only her. Samantha, while not known for her physical acumen, is cunning. She watches the game unfold arms akimbo, hip knocked to one side, braids in a twist. She knows what’s about to go down.

But Rhonda, as clever as she is athletic, slows her stride. Randy picks up his pace. Samantha, not to be outdone, leaps forward with the gracefulness of an ox, but is effective nonetheless. As the three collide – Randy. Rhonda. Samantha. It happens.

Their first kiss.

It’s 1978.

On a playground in middle America.

A threesome.