Where the Yellow Arrows Lead

I don’t know if it was the licor de hierbas or the mystical muse of the Camino, but a look of inspiration came over Antonio’s face and he grabbed a clean bar napkin from the next table and pulled out a pen from his pocket and began writing. He wrote so fluidly, that there was no doubt this was not his first time putting pen to napkin, and no doubt the words were coming from some place he had tapped before. And when the pen stopped moving, it was finished. He looked at it, as if he were reading the words himself for the first time, and then he handed it to Julie and me as a wedding gift to bring the evening celebration to a poetic close. This is what was written on the napkin:

Y Dios dijo sí, en su amor fue Adán

Y Adán dijo sí, en su amor fue Julie…

Y la materia comenzó un baile imposible en el tiempo

Y titilaron las estrellas

Y nacieron los labios en los besos

Y el calor en los abrazos

Y la sal en las mareas.

Y los amantes ataron su sombra a la noche

Y sus ojos a la luz que ciega, al deseo, a la ternura,

a la palabra que ama, que salva, que crea

Y Adam y Julie fueron palabra, fueron amor,

fueron camino, fueron mar,

serán futuro y esperanza, serán ellos siendo dos,

serán uno, serán amigos.

I hate to translate this, as just the act of doing so would somehow take away some of its magic, the magic it created in that moment. But, so as not to feel I am cheating the reader or leaving them no choice but to resort to Google Translate, where I am certain that no magic lives, I will do my best to capture what my friend wrote that unforgettable evening.

And God said yes, in his love was Adam

And Adam said yes, in his love was Julie…

And matter began an impossible dance in time

And the stars twinkled

And lips were born in kisses

And warmth in embraces

And salt in the tides

And the lovers tied their shadow to the night

And their eyes to the light that blinds, to desire,

to tenderness, to the word that loves,

that saves, that creates

And Adam and Julie were word, were love,

were journey, were sea,

they will be future and hope, they being two,

they will be one, they will be friends.

All that on a bar napkin. No edits. No cross-outs or erasures. Just a single stream of consciousness from the heart of a good friend, transcribed through pen on a napkin that was more accustomed to soaking up whisky than ink. That was not the last time that Antonio would take pen to napkin to capture one of life’s important moments, but those are for another story.

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