Meet Juli Brenning

I am...

A mom. A wife. A sister. A daughter. A friend. A teacher and a writer. A remarkably ordinary human.

I spend my time walking dogs, practicing yoga, drinking wine, reading, parenting and daughtering. Then I write about all that.

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So Now What?

That’s the question.

What do you do when life hands you an ordeal of huge magnitude (like breast cancer, a car accident, a divorce, an alien abduction, an escape from a cult)? How do you make your own choices and find your own voice?

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What I Do

Immersive Journaling

What does now look like? How will you react? What path do you want to take? 

You have a say! In this. In your restoration, in your existence, in your answers.  You are the architect and author of your own story.

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What I Do

Immersive Storytelling

Like immersive journaling, So Now What? books (the paper + pencil editions) will be a tandem project allowing children to not only have a choice in the story but a voice in the story. A place to become the reader and the writer simultaneously and learn by doing.

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