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So Now What?

So Now What?

An Immersive Journal

A Restoration in Progress From an Ordeal of Huge Magnitude

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We all have them, it’s one of the things that unites us as humans and unfortunately none of us are immune to it. Juli Brenning’s “ordeal of huge magnitude” was a breast cancer diagnosis.

She tried to make sense of her diagnosis, treatment, and new boobs the only way she knew how: through writing.

So Now What? is cancer in real time. It is raw, honest, and sometimes funny. It is conversations with angels, letters to no one in particular, and a written catharsis.

Written as both a kind of therapy and an aid, So Now What? aims to help readers work through their own Ordeal of Huge Magnitude in any way that helps best.

As an example, inspiration, or as a guide, Juli Brenning hopes that by displaying the toughest moments of her life, that she can help you through yours.

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The Process

Immersive Journaling

I hope by creating this book as an immersive journaling experience, the reader will feel empowered and emboldened. That this will be an opportunity for the reader to immerse herself into my story to help her write her own.

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The Paper + Pencil Editions

Immersive Storytelling

Like immersive journaling, So Now What? books (the paper + pencil editions) will be a tandem project allowing children to not only have a choice in the story but a voice in the story. A place to become the reader and the writer simultaneously and learn by doing.

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Meet Juli Brenning

I am...

A mom. A wife. A sister. A daughter. A friend. A teacher and a writer. A remarkably ordinary human.

I spend my time walking dogs, practicing yoga, drinking wine, reading, parenting and daughtering. Then I write about all that.

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